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Cobweb window screen DIY KIT

Cobweb window screen DIY KIT

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We do 2 deliveries per month. Orders from the 1st to the 14th of each month are shipped on the 15th, and orders from the 16th to the 29th and 30st are shipped on the 30th or 31st.

<Product included>

  • COBWEB window screen Ver.1  Length: 16ft (5m) , width: Your choice 2types
  • Spline: Diameter 0.16, Length: 66ft(20m)
  • Y shape Roller
  • Strong clip 4ps

<SUPER-KIT included>

  • COBWEB window screen Ver.1  Length: 100feet (30m) , width: 51inch
  • Spline: Diameter 0.16, Length: 100ft(30m)
  • 2 Y shape Roller 
  • 2 velcro 1m
  • Strong clip 4ps
  • Use manual

-If you purchase multiple products of the same width, the length will be delivered in succession. (ex) Purchase two width: 40in DIY KIT, then length will be 33ft. Spline also same)

-It is made of 30 mesh, which can block 99% of pests, and the yarn is much thinner than the regular window screen, so it is breathable and has excellent visibility.

-COBWEB window screen has a water-repellent coating with our own technology to block 90% of rainwater compared to Chinese fiberglass products.

-It is 30 mesh, which is denser than 18-20 mesh fiberglass insect screen, and can block 99% of small pests.

-It is denser than existing insect screens, but the yarn is much thinner, so it has better ventilation and visibility.

-Anyone can easily DIY like an expert, and there are no dangerous or sharp tools, so the insect screen is not torn during replacement and there are no wrinkles.

With DIY that anyone can easily do in 15 minutes, change to our products with various technologies and product lifespans that are 5 times longer, and have a more comfortable daily life. 

The delivery period takes about a month, and we will do our best to satisfy you with eco-friendly packaging without damaging the product.

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Anyone 15minutes

Anyone can replace it in less than 15 minutes

How to DIY

Save money

  • Save more than 80% compared to professional costs
  • And more than 5 times longer lifespan than regular screen


With various function differences from regular window screen, COBWEB window screen turns into a more comfortable daily life.

What is diffrence


One product includes all the essential replaceable tools, so you don't need to buy any tools