How to easily replace with COBWEB window screen

How to easily replace with COBWEB window screen

Do you still use fiberglass insect screen?

Everything is different, from materials to eco-friendly materials and technologies that eliminate various inconveniences in daily life.

Our unique water-repellent coating technology blocks rainwater from entering the house when it rains, preventing mold from occurring on furniture and wallpaper.
Don't close the window any more on a rainy day
Water repellent coated
Static electricity generated from our own special material blocks 57.8% of fine dust and pollen! Helpful for people with weak bronchi or severe allergies!

30mesh, 99% block insects

And COBWEB window screen, which can be used for more than 15 years, is 5 times longer than fiber glass.
With durability that can withstand up to 170kg, it even serves as a temporary safety barrier!

In addition, it blocks up to 99% of fine pests, and check out and purchase products that are several times more advanced than various general insect screens through the website!

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