Block rainwater, fine dust and tiny insects COBWEB window screen! Insectnet

Why do you need an insectnet in your daily life?

-To prevent pest infestation, disease from pests, and to ventilate. But when it rains, I close the windows. And if there is a hole in the insectnet, pests will also come in. Our product is an COBWEB window screen that can compensate for all these points.

With our unique water-repellent coating technology, rainwater is blocked and the insectnet is self-cleaned by rainwater. When it rains, the insectnet retains rainwater, becomes dirty, and invades the house, while our insect screen can be ventilated at any time even if it rains.

In addition, it is about twice as dense as existing insect screens, so it is possible to block 99% of pests. And, although it is dense, the yarn is thin, so it has better air permeability and cutability than Chinese fiberglass.

Do you still use Chinese-made Fiberglass insectnet?

With DIY that anyone can easily do in 15 minutes for repair, change to our products with various technologies and product lifespans that are 5 times longer, and have a more comfortable daily life.
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