Block rainwater insectnet- COBWEB WINDOW SCREEN

Block rainwater insectnet- COBWEB WINDOW SCREEN

Block rainwater insectnet- COBWEB WINDOW SCREEN

We develop, manufacture, and even sell screens that are completely different from ordinary insect screens and change our daily lives. It can block 99% of rainwater, fine dust, viruses, and pests, and these screens are sold along with tools so that the general public can DIY them.

For who?

If you have ever been worried or dirty about window screens(insectnet), we recommend that you try our screens.

In addition to blocking rainwater, it is self-cleaning by rainwater, providing a clear view at all times when looking outside from the house.

In addition, it uses eco-friendly materials that can be used for more than 15 years, so it is very efficient in terms of replacement costs.

Insectnet block rainwater

We are prepared

Currently, we are preparing to export it all over the world, and we have also completed the FTA document process related to window screens(insectnet), so we have solved the exemption from importer customs duties.

New Item

Currently, there are many inquiries from people who are active as online sellers in each world, and it has completely different functions and materials from ordinary window screens(insectnet), so it is very competitive. And it includes a certain length of insect screens and DIY tools so that anyone can easily buy it, so when you buy it, you are ready to DIY.

Insectnet DIY KIT

We are

We always strive to develop items that will make changes and comfort by adding our ideas to products that are essential to everyday life.

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